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Propeller was formed in 2001 to address the thought that “there is a better way.” A better way to partner with clients. A better way to approach the process. And, a better way to deliver meaningful results using your data at the center of everything we do to drive not just media results - but clear business results. Seventeen years later, we continue to grow as a subsidiary of the Water Cooler Group with holistic capabilities and a vibrant business that truly does do it better. Propeller’s foundation is data integrated P&L modeling and has been the solution for Entertainment accounts who face more than the challenge of how to spend money. They need direct results tied to media. As a Water Cooler Group company, we represent more entertainment and media clients than any other U.S. agency, and on average launch 3+ campaigns per week within the entertainment vertical. From our philosophy to our process to our people, our better way adds significant value (awareness, impact, viewership, loyalty, and ROI) to all of our clients’ businesses. We won’t just be your media agency – we’ll be your business partner.

I like being called different at Propeller. The industry is full of followers and different is not an option – it’s just necessary. – Craig Woerz, Founder & Managing Partner

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